Custom Series Pool Tables

Here at Spinster we pride ourselves on original thought and ability to push technology and design restraints to the extreme.

A custom table is something that’s designed and crafted with one particular client in mind from design conception to the first break.

We offer a full consultation service for those who are looking for something of a bespoke nature, feel and functionality of design.

We can manipulate existing designs to suit requirements or start with a blank canvas.

We are the industry leaders when it comes to technological advancement, both in the design and drafting process as well as manufacturing methods and procedures.

To ensure we hit the nail on the head we ask clients to compile a scrap book of styles, materials and textures that demonstrate the aesthetics required for your individual centerpiece.

However if the room is complete a photo of the area is usually enough to convey your style requirements and gives us a good insight into your vision.

Contact us today to discuss your custom table.

The possibilities are endless…

Gatica Custom Pool Table Gatica Custom Pool Table
Space Invader Custom Pool Table Space Invader Custom Pool Table
Wave Custom Pool Table Wave Custom Pool Table