Become entranced with the transparent illuminated bubbling centerpiece, all framed in Metallic Satin Silver.

Control the ambiance with the 44 key hand held IR remote control to move between 20 colour variations and 8 lighting patterns at the press of a button, a setting for all occasions.

Built to exacting WPA specifications and created with expert hand crafted components, the latest release from Spinster Billiards, developed by renowned head designer Jason Clough, features quality Diamond hones Italian slate, true response L77 cushions covered with world tournament grade English cloth… pure indulgence for the modern connoisseur.

  • Available in 8′ × 4′
  • WPA player specifications
  • 3/4″ diamond honed Italian slate bed
  • Strachan 6811 English tournament cloth
  • L77 cushion response
  • Lifetime warranty

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