spi Grip Tip - Chalkless Cue Tip - Spinster

The Grip Tip is a revolution in cue sports, scientifically formulated and player proven. Our patented chalkless cue tips boast an impressive range of benefits.

  • Minimises miss-cueing
  • Smoother striking
  • Greater ball manipulation
  • No interruptions
  • No marking on: balls, cloth, walls, floors & ceilings
  • Matches all cloth colours
  • Rapid changeover on glue on tips
  • Easy to shape
  • No dust
  • Less brushing
  • Allergy friendly
  • 100% recyclable

Loose Lots

The economical choice, ideal for venues and specialist retailers. Available in sealed bags lots of 50. CueGoo sold separately.

Bag Lots of 50 Code Cost  
Screw On Tips
11mm GTS5011 £72.50
Glue On Tips
12mm GTG5012 £72.50
14mm GTG5014 £72.50

Handy Packs

For the larger market place where customers need to make an informed decision, glue on tips are split into 2 multi size packs to ensure the customer is satisfied they are purchasing the appropriate size for them, (sand and shape larger tips to satisfactory size).

Screw on tips are fairly self explanatory and will fit 99% of existing screw on ferrules. CueGoo also sold separately.

Handy Packs Code Cost  
Screw On Tips
6 × 11mm GTS6P11 £12.50
Glue On Tips
6 × 10mm GTG6P10 £12.50
6 × 12mm GTG6P12 £12.50
6 × 14mm GTG6P14 £12.50

Grip Tip Size Chart

Grip Tip Size Chart
Screw on Grip Tips Screw On Grip Tips
Glue on Grip Tips Glue On Grip Tips
Bag Lots of 50 Bag Lots of 50
Grip Tip Handy Packs Grip Tip Handy Packs