About Spinster

At Spinster we pride ourselves on innovation and attention to detail, thinking outside the box whilst still maintaining old world craftsmanship. We utilize the very latest in technology to compliment the handcrafted sophistication that is a Spinster billiard table.

We source the finest materials from around the world, we believe the essence of an outstanding product is the ingredients, there’s is no substitute for quality.

We exclusively use renewable timber sources and endeavour to use local industry where possible, for greater control of componentry, giving us tighter tolerances’ and flexibility whilst avoiding un-necessary production and maintaining a low carbon footprint.

In our modern world of disposable consumerism, it’s refreshing to know there are still individuals and organizations that take great pride in the services they provide. Treating each individual piece as though it were to take pride of place in our own homes, We build for generations of pleasure.

Strachan Aramith Minar Hansinburg Riley

The Finest Ingredients

Over the years we have invested much time honing and refining our intimate knowledge and skills of the cue sports industry, this gives us a firm foundation to remain at the fore front of progressive innovation.

Not only do we craft a world class table, we also produce most of our own components, parts, products and materials, of which are used extensively throughout the billiard community.

Of course we can’t be the leaders at all aspects which is where our partners and suppliers step in. From all corners of the globe we source the finest materials and products from the industry leaders in their respective fields. We use and recommend only the very best as it is a reflection of our own high standards, when only the best will do.

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